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What's it all about?

I wanted to have an easy way to explicitly see how much time I worked to be able to make purchases. I noticed a pattern in myself where money would land in my bank account every 2 weeks and I'd feel a great tug to buy something with it. There wasn't a strong relationship between effort and reward. It's a little dopamine rush. It was some control in what feels like a world where I increasingly had less control. I realised my problem was not unique.

What's worse is the online purchase funnel is so smooth that a $10 purchase feels the same as a $100 or $1000 purchase. You just Add to Cart and hit the Checkout button. There's no magnitude to it. The browser extension aims to interupt that flow and confront you with reality.

As the idea was coalescing I was also absorbing some excellent recommendations on climate change and consumerism.

Why does it need permissions to read all pages?

I use it to detect the checkout pages and extract the price of the checkout to populate the extension page.

What's next?

Open to communtiy suggestions, but the current list is:

Why did it redirect on a page other than the checkout page?

You've heard of deep learning. I'm using deep regex. It's not perfect but I will keep improving how the extension detects the right page and price.
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